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Open to the public:
Sunday - Wednesday
10 am : 4 pm
+2 23907435
 Cairo, Egypt
7, Street no. 268 – Maadi, Cairo


  10 Tooba works on applied research, where a continuous loop of lessons learned from the ground informs our analysis, and our research informs our applications. We produce knowledge on housing and the built environment in Egypt with a focus on issues such as affordability, urban upgrading, urban history, public space, services and transport. Common threads that cut through our main topics are social justice, sustainability, informality, climate change, urban design & management practices and appropriate technology. Our research takes the shape of strategies, essays, in-depth reports, and visualizations,covering: Policy analysis, Social assessment, Mapping and data visualization..



C10 Tooba’s library includes a collection of hundreds of books, academic papers, reports, manuals, official datasets, lectures, toolboxes, and laws. These documents have been collected as resources for 10 Tooba’s researches, along the past 10 years or working on various intersections with the built environment, and focus on social, spatial, and climate justices in urban planning, housing and public spaces. The library also offers a collection of maps and photos for Cairo and other cities in Egypt