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Open to the public:
Sunday -Thursday
8:30 am to 5 pm
32.011991 / 35.862850

  Amman, Jordan
102 Uhod Street، Tla' Al-Ali، Amman, Jordan

ABOUT CBRL British Institute



The British Institute in Amman is an international research institute in Jordan. We have been at the centre of British research and scholarly life in Amman for decades. In addition, since 1998 we have been part of the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL), a wider regional network that engages all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. In 2009, we adopted the title the British Institute in Amman (BIA) reflecting both common usage and the wider disciplinary coverage. We are registered as a charity in the UK and with the Ministry of Culture in Jordan.


We are a scholarly community offering facilities, support and advice to visiting and local researchers, and provide a venue for thought, critical reflection and the exchange of knowledge.


We facilitate access to broader academic communities in Jordan and beyond through our well-established networks.


Research carried out at the Institute is varied, ranging from the study of Jordan’s Neolithic heritage, aerial archaeology, linguistics, food anthropology, forced migration, the many aspects of Jordan’s rapid development, and the history and current impacts of local and international politics.


Our patron is HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal. Since 2009 we have held formal ties with the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), founded by HRH Prince Hassan to promote academic, scientific and technological activities related to education and training in Jordan. HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan takes an active interest in the activities the institute and has served as patron on a number of initiatives, most notably the long-running Wadi Faynan Project.





The CBRL British Institute Library is one of the best English language academic libraries in Amman. It is a reference library (i.e. non-lending) so please plan to spend some time with us when you visit. We specialise in books and periodicals on archaeology, anthropology, history, and international relations, with specialist sections on Arabic language, islamic history, political Islam, gender studies, refugee studies, and media studies.