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Open to the public:
Sunday - Thursday
11:00 – 18:00

 Cairo, Egypt
10 Darb Al-Labbana lane



Al-Qalam is a creative space and a platform dedicated to spread nationally and internationally Arabic Calligraphy, Islamic Ornaments and their contemporary practices.



As part of the Al Qalam's quest to contribute to motivating and supporting creators to promote calligraphy, AlQalam seeks to launch a mini-library specialized in Islamic art, dealing with the arts of Arabic calligraphy, decoration, and Islamic architecture in the Arabic language, among others. The library will be free of charge to all students and visitors of al qalam. For reading, with the ability to photograph and scan books (SCAN) in a restricted way, in a quiet and comfortable space for reading ,working drinks and internet service are also available, but this service is available in the daytime only before 6pm.

The library started from the donations of Egyptian artists and researchers, and now contains about 50 titles, and Al Qalam continues to develop, and we are currently calling out all specialists and those interested in publishing Arabic calligraphy, decorative arts and Islamic architecture to participate in the formation of the “Al Qalam” library by sharing books, magazines, brochures and publications of all kinds that they want to share with us; Believing in the principle of partnership, and joining the honorary list of contributors as well as obtaining many privileges.

The from Sunday to Thursday, from 11 am to 6 pm, For more information, you can review us via e-mail: or through the mobile: 01093140104 (WhatsApp) or via page messages, and we will contact you immediately.

The library is located on the first floor of an architecturally distinguished building dating back to the eighteenth century, directly overlooking the Sultan Hassan and Al-Rifai mosques, behind the Egyptian Architect’s House or Hassan Fathi House, a few steps from the Citadel Square (Salah al-Din), and near the Sayeda Aisha parking lot. (10 minutes away from the headquarters of Al Qalam)