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Open to the public:
Wednesday to Sunday
11 am : 19 pm


00216 36 05 00 25

  Tunis, Tunisia
Lira Building, Rue de lIle de Malte, Les Jardins du Lac, Les Berges du Lac 2, 1053, Tunis, Tunisia.

ABOUT Kamel Lazaar Foundation


Since its creation in 2005, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation for Art and Culture has launched several cultural and artistic actions and projects whose local and regional effects highlight the vitality and diversity of the cultural scene in the MENA region. The Foundation supports research, publication and exhibition initiatives and organizes scientific conferences and seminars, as well as artist residencies and workshops. One of the pillars of KLF is its collection of contemporary artworks, which includes more than 1200 works of various kinds: paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, etc.; and is one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in North Africa and the Arab World. In 2011, KLF launched the Ibraaz online platform, a leading forum for critical exchanges on visual culture in the Arab region, followed by the first edition of Jaou, an annual event bringing together artists, thinkers and change agents to exhibit works of art and foster debate on contemporary creative practices in the Arab world. In 2017, KLF was the curator of the Tunisian pavilion entitled "The Absence of Path" at the Venice Biennale, after nearly six decades of absence.


KLF’s Mission and Objectives


• Knowledge production and support for research on visual culture in the MENA region and beyond (Ibraaz, KLF Publishing, etc.)
• Philanthropic activities: support for artists, artistic events and cultural projects (grants, scholarships, etc.).
• Organization of cultural and artistic events to promote art and artists in the MENA region.
• Awareness of artistic culture and democratization of art.
• Creation of a cultural and artistic dynamic by developing debates, dialogues and exchange platforms on visual arts in the region and beyond.
• Initiate educational projects that contribute to providing quality education in public schools.
• Preserve heritage through targeted projects (restoration initiatives, awareness-raising, etc.).
• Promote an art collection to strengthen artistic practices, with the aim of opening contemporary art spaces and developing excellence in the production of visual arts in the region (art center, museum, art residences, etc.).

B7L9’s Mission


The B7L9 is an experimental art space designed and developed by KLF in Bhar Lazreg, a rural area of La Marsa. This new state-of-the-art space is designed as a laboratory allowing KLF to connect, interact, develop its activities and trigger a regional dialogue with contemporary global institutions and actors in visual culture. While being rooted in the Mediterranean and international artistic landscape, B7L9 responds to KLF's commitment to create a social impact in deprived areas through art and culture. The space aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and visions, encouraging guest artists to interact with local communities through workshops, seminars and events, as well as a broad outreach program.

B7L9 is a non-profit art space, welcoming and open to interdisciplinary dialogue, frequented by artists, curators, critics, thinkers, local and international art lovers. In this independent art station, artists and various actors will be able to: • Develop their practice
• Carry out research on various artistic themes
• Explore new ideas and concepts
• Create networks to share, collaborate and reach a wider audience

Opened since 16 March 2019, B7L9 is the first art station in Tunis to offer a complete annual programme of artistic and cultural events accessible to all free of charge.

ABOUT Kamel Lazaar Foundation Library

A library is available for residents, artists and the general public, including A rich collection of books including more than 1,000 reference works, specialized in the visual arts.

KLF continues to regularly enrich this collection and aims to reach 10,000 references by 2020. The collection focuses mainly on contemporary art, cultural heritage in the Middle East, North Africa and Iran but is not limited to these countries and may also cover more diverse topics related to emerging art.

Donations that enrich the B7L9 library. The foundation calls on its friends and partners to make donations and thus develop the existing fund. In addition, artists in residence are also encouraged to contribute to enrich the existing library through their donations of books or publications that may reflect their practice.