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Open to the public:
Wednesday to Sunday
11 am : 19 pm


00216 36 05 00 25

  Tunis, Tunisia
Lira Building, Rue de lIle de Malte, Les Jardins du Lac, Les Berges du Lac 2, 1053, Tunis, Tunisia.

ABOUT Lina Ben Mhenni


The association was established in 2020 After her death.

It is headed now by her father SADOK BEN Mhenni
The association aims to revive the struggle and defend human rights and public and individual freedoms and spreads the culture of human rights and is trained in it.
The association is based on several principles, the most important of which are:
Preserving freedoms and rights
Protect democracy
Spreading awareness by providing libraries with books
Defending human rights, especially women, minorities, and children
Opposing violence.
Preserving the freedom to circulate political ideas and opinions within the public space
Creating a space for exchange about social and political transformations
The establishment of several libraries such as Djerba, Al-Huwayda, and Beni Khallad after the prison libraries were furnished with 1500 books
Continuation of the "Wino AL DAWA/where are the medications " campaign through its virtual website to facilitate the provision of missing medicines to citizens.

ABOUT Lina Ben Mhenni


library Lina Ben Mhenni in Mizraia Djerba , which is a library dedicated to lending books free of charge to all, directed to readers of all age groups, and it is an opportunity to encourage the students of the region to read and motivate them through other cultural activities