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Show Visualization
Open to the public:
Sunday -Thursday
12 pm : 6 pm


  Alexandria, Egypt
1 Al Kanesa Al Maronya, Al Mansheyah Al Kubra, Mansheya, Alexandria.



It’s an art space focused on visual and modern arts and alternative education. It was established in cooperation between “Gudran association for art and development” and “Behna Film Selection” and opened in March 2014. The space contains 3 screening halls, an open public library, a visual display space and Behna Film Selection’s collectibles archive.



It’s a public library open for audience for free. It allows borrowing books without personal guarantees. It was established in 2010 as part of project El-Cabina; one of Gudran Association for Art and Development’s projects, and it organized during its working time a lot of events, meetings, and literary, cultural and Intellectual discussions. It held a number of events like El-Cabina Cinema Club, seminar series “We Present to You” and “The Linking Circle: How We See the Language?” and others. El-Cabina’s library introduced its own published non periodical “Taral-Bahr”; which focused on artistic and cultural practices in Alexandria city and it has its own website. It has released four printed issues. The library was managed by the writer and translator Abdelrhim Youssef and the curator Ali Eladawy until it moved to Wekalet Behna in 2018. The library contains a number of books in literature, history, art, and intellectual studies, along with publications, periodicals and books in Arabic and other languages which are readable in Egypt.