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Show Visualization
Open to the public:
Sunday -Thursday
10 am : 6 pm
+962 79 709 1084

  Amman, Jordan
ELHARF House, 4 Mohammad Al-Shuraqi st., Amman, Jordan

About The Beautiful Books Trove


The Beautiful Books Trove: an archival project and a specialized library for the collecting and the studying of Arabic books and publications with an inspiring visual and cultural content. The Trove is concerned with the features of the Arab bookmaking and all the crafts that revolve in its world: such as the creative content, typography, and illustrations. It also focuses on exploring the veterans behind this creative product from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. The Trove believes in the necessity of discovering the past and learning from its successes and failures in order to form a clear-cut ground to move through to the future. Addressing all ages, especially students and researchers, and opens its archives and shelves for those who wish to encounter this unique experience and explore its treasures. At this project, we aim to document the books and publications contained in the Trove and make them available in a digital database platform that facilitates research, as well as tour exhibitions, lectures, and workshops for students, designers, and artists. The name (The Trove means Khazanet in Arabic) was inspired by the great bookmaker and artist Mohieddine el-Labbad, it was his weekly article for the Arab kids in the 80's.